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Squirrely Roo Rabbit is an in-development color blending puzzle-platformer game in which a gang of chameleons on a coloring spree swapping the colors of all the animals in their wake, causing confusion and upset. Squirrely Roo Rabbit, who is unaffected due to her not being a traditional animal, teams up with an outcast chameleon, Cammy, to track down Leon, the Chameleon king, and return the forest to normal. The animals she meets along the way will help Squirrely Roo if she feeds them fruit matching the color they've become. Because fruit only naturally grows in red, blue, and yellow—and animals come in green, purple, and orange as well—Cammy must use her chameleon color-swap ability on fruit. This first chapter covers Squirrely Roo's encounters with The Big Oink, the pig's leader, who, under the control of Leon, continually hinders her journey to the mountains and to Leon.

Squirrely Roo Rabbit began in Fall 2016 as a senior thesis project by Boba Studios at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Install instructions


Windows Smart Screen may prevent game from launching upon opening for the first time. If so, click "More Info" then select "Run Anyway" to launch the game.

For an improved game play experience, decrease "Graphics Quality" from "Beautiful".

For more issues or comments please contact at aguchhait@mica.edu.

For more information and frequent updates, please visit: www.squirrelyroo.com
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Squirrely Roo Rabbit 0.1 Windows Build.zip (146 MB)
Squirrely Roo Rabbit 0.1 Mac Build.app.zip (150 MB)


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Made a video - https://youtu.be/7omhOngCUsc


Thanks so much for sharing Squirrely Roo Rabbit! Cool video! We hope you'll check us out again when we release a big update in May!

Yeah, well check the game out again when you update it. It's a fun game so it would be a joy to play it more.

Aw thanks! That's great to hear! :)

Looks nice =3

what's the current state of the game? (specifically: prototpye, pre-alpha, alpha or beta?)


It's in it's alpha stage currently. Please be on the lookout for more soon! :)